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Gooseberry Dairy Goats

Signs of Impending Kidding

Kidding...for some, it's old hat. If you are new to kidding, you probably are wondering what to look for as indications that your doe is about to kid. It would be SO nice to KNOW it was about to happen. Knowing would prevent endless trips to your kidding stall over the course of many days (or weeks) to check your doe!

Unfortunately, sometimes they just surprise us. But some does will give some signs, and if you know your doe well enough, you may be able to predict based upon a few observations of the doe's body and also of her behavior.

Because we have a small herd, we know what each doe acts like day in and day out.

Noticing big changes in ANYTHING that occur suddenly is "the sign" for some does. Some give lots of different signs, and some only a couple, and some may not act differently in front of you at all. But, here are some of the big behavior changes we've noticed in does that are within a day of kidding:

  • teats getting further and further apart, pointing outward (this happens over the course of a few weeks)
    Last day or two:
  • sudden filling at the back side of the udder
  • making no attempt to leave "the area" the doe has chosen to kid
  • constant "talking"...unusual amount of verbalization when you are around
  • squatting when you touch her back
  • urinating, then smelling the spot where she urinated
  • pawing the bedding
  • sudden appearance of a "nest" in the stall
  • holding up a front leg straight out in front of her for no apparent reason
  • total lack of tissue along her croup (very sunk in, lacking a palpable ligament)
  • vaginal opening becomes flush with the back of her butt-bone area, so the vaginal opening doesn't stick out any longer
  • goo/discharge from the vagina
  • teats taking on a different look...not quite shiny, but maybe more blood flow in the teats changing how the skin looks

How to Attend the Kidding Process

Coming soon...

What to Do After Kidding

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